CS6303 - Computer Architecture Notes

CS6303 Computer Architecture Notes

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CS6303                      COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE                           L T P C       3 0 0 3

o To make students understand the basic structure and operation of digital computer.
o To understand the hardware-software interface.
o To familiarize the students with arithmetic and logic unit and implementation of fixed point and floating-   
 point arithmetic operations.
o To expose the students to the concept of pipelining.
o To familiarize the students with hierarchical memory system including cache memories and virtual memory.
o To expose the students with different ways of communicating with I/O devices and standard I/O interfaces.

UNIT I                             OVERVIEW & INSTRUCTIONS                                                           9
Eight ideas – Components of a computer system – Technology – Performance – Power wall – Uniprocessors to 
multiprocessors; Instructions – operations and operands – representing instructions – Logical operations – 
control operations – Addressing and addressing modes.

UNIT II                          ARITHMETIC OPERATIONS                                                                   7
ALU – Addition and subtraction – Multiplication – Division – Floating Point operations – Subword parallelism.

UNIT III                      PROCESSOR AND CONTROL UNIT                                                         11
Basic MIPS implementation – Building datapath – Control Implementation scheme – Pipelining – Pipelined datapath 
and control – Handling Data hazards & Control hazards – Exceptions.

UNIT IV                                               PARALLELISM                                                                       9
Instruction-level-parallelism – Parallel processing challenges – Flynn’s classification – Hardware 
multithreading – Multicore processors AULibrary.com 

UNIT V                                   MEMORY AND I/O SYSTEMS                                                            9
Memory hierarchy – Memory technologies – Cache basics – Measuring and improving cache performance –
 Virtual memory, TLBs – Input/output system, programmed I/O, DMA and interrupts, I/O processors.
                                                                                                                            TOTAL: 45 PERIODS

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